Shaking off the dust

My  poor forgotten blog.

I’ve written so many blog posts in my head this past year, with none making the way to the laptop keyboard.  Life got in the way and other priorities rose up, demanding attention.

We also adopted a dog.  And as my husband and I are fond of saying, none of our animals are normal.  Breanna has stranger danger, so a good part of the last six months has been working with a hound that is convinced every person is out to get her and trying to convince her otherwise.  Its been quite a bit of work, but when I watch her run around the beach, happily walking past people and dogs alike, it makes all the work so worthwhile.

My German has improved and I’m happy about the effort I’ve put into improving my understanding.  I’m hopeful that by next year when we go back to Germany for Weihnachtsmarkt Zeit, I’m a bit more fluent.  Right now I am content that I can eavesdrop on German tourists in our local outlet stores when they talk about one pair of pants being “schlimm”.

Sitting here on the verge of 2019, I won’t commit to writing here every day, but I am going to write more often.   Until next time, Tschüss!

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