642 Tiny Things to Write About: Deep Thoughts

Write what the person nearest you at this very second is really thinking about

Sitting on the couch in the coffee shop, with her paperback novel and drink, she felt like she was surrounded by a sea of electronic lit faces.  Everyone around her was self-absorbed in their mobile devices, their laptops, their Kindle readers.    No one looked up at those around them, avoiding eye contact lest they have to engage in conversation.  Sometimes,  as she sat here with her daily coffee, she imagined an electro-magnet storm running rampant through the place, and their faces suddenly shook back into real life, forced to finally deal with their fellow humans.

2 thoughts on “642 Tiny Things to Write About: Deep Thoughts

  1. Wouldn’t that be different!

  2. Love it, so true. Just having a conversation on a elevator is a major success for me!

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