642 Tiny Things To Write About: What Did You Wear to School Today?

When your character was in third grade, he wore the same comfy shirt every single day. Describe it.

I don’t hold many fond memories of the third grade.  The teacher, Miss W. took a dislike to me after I told her I wanted to work for NASA rather than be an elementary school teacher.  (The feelings were pretty much mutual ).  Looking back through adult eyes, I realize that she was a pretty narrow-minded individual who once got so frustrated with our class that she threw a book several feet between the isles of desks and stormed out of the room.  She certainly had some personal issues that she needed to address.

My kids find it funny that when I was in the third grade, girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school.   This finally changed when I was in the 4th grade, but we could only wear “Pantsuits”.  (If you are unaware of what this is, check out this fashion horror image, here.) By the time I hit the 8th grade, we could wear jeans, but only on Fridays and they could not be faded, have any tears or holes,  have any sort of patches or other adornment inappropriate for a school environment.   If I had a favorite shirt, given my taste in clothes at the time, it wouldn’t have been one that was acceptable to wear at school.  It would have been a T-shirt or something rather ethnic looking. I remember I owned a wild African print shirt when I was eight or nine,  that finally dissolved in the wash after a few years of constant wear.


So my character ‘s favorite shirt (who by the prompt is a ‘he’).  Hmm.  It would probably be a T-shirt and if this character was my son, it was a Green Day T-shirt that we bought for him when we saw the band live the summer before.  It was from the American Idiot tour and it saw quite a bit of wear during the school year.  We even let him wear it for his school photo that year because he loved it so much.   It was black with a the album graphic  of hand holding a hand grenade, a visual that was very appealing to a nine-year old boy.  I would have to steal it out of his room to wash it each week he loved it so much.

He finally outgrew the shirt (and his adoration of Green Day as well).  But he still loves his T-shirts as the go to clothing of choice.


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