642 Tiny Things To Write About: I’d Like To Make a Statement.

“Statement necklaces” are the fashion.  What statement about you does your necklace make?

I instantly thought of Iris Apfel when I read today’s writing prompt.  If you don’t know about Iris, you need to watch Albert Maysles documentary on this amazing woman.  Iris taught me that growing older can be fabulous, especially when you stop giving two fricks about what other people think about your fashion choices.  The woman excels at statement pieces, by the way.

I don’t purchase a lot of jewelry for myself, and most of my necklaces were either bought at our local antique fair or by my husband as presents for me.  I’m blessed that I have a spouse that has excellent taste in jewelry, and has a good grasp of what I like and don’t like.   Except for a brief New Wave jewelry phase in the early 1980’s, I tend to be drawn to necklaces that speak stylistically back to earlier ages and craftsmanship.  I like Art Nouveau style pieces and items that are remakes on medieval jewelry–semi precious stones in heavier metal settings, for instance.

But if I had a real statement necklace these days, it would probably shout that I’m a tired middle-aged woman, who is confident but troubled at the way the world seems to be heading.   I’m seeking solace in a world that has gone mad; and that while I love the artifacts of the past, I want to see a future that is far more brighter than what has gone before.  And I want to sleep through the night and have a well crafted beer, without worrying about the calorie content.  And I want to have more time that the day gives me to do the things I love to do, along with the things I have to do.

I don’t think that’s much to ask for a necklace to pronounce.

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