642 Tiny Things To Write About: Watch That Man

Today’s prompt:

Write the headline of an online dating profile for the man who just walked by you

But first, message from today’s sponsor, Mr. David Bowie:

I work next to the County courthouse.  Going into work each day, I have the opportunity to see a cross-section of society as they come to court to pay their fines, argue their civil cases and serve on jury duty.  And then there’s the lawyers.   There’s always a few of them who look like they’ve walked out of a casting call for a courtroom drama: Good looking, well dressed and self-possessed.  The public defenders always look like they’ve borrowed a suit from their older brothers, usually brown.  The older ones tend to carry battered briefcases; the younger ones an upscale backpack–the type you can carry a laptop in.

I almost ran into one of the younger public defenders yesterday going into work.  Here’s his dating profile:

‘Young, up and coming lawyer seeks woman who is socially minded, well read, and likes word games.  Must know how to iron and mend older suits”.

(One hopes he ends up with someone who is a seamstress and has great fashion sense.)


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