642 Tiny Things To Write About: Business!

Write the first sentence of a feature profile of you in a business magazine.

Good grief, as Charlie Brown would say.  I think I’ve picked up and perused Business Week maybe twice in my adult life.  I find business related articles, as one of my British friends would say, as dry as Gandhi’s flip-flop.  I understand accounting  ( I actually wrote code to produce accounting reports at my last job) and as a Political Science major, I sat through my fill of economics classes.  But reading about business is not my idea of an enjoyable enterprise.

(When I was in college, the MBA was the sought after degree.  I always imagined the students in the program running about with the “Money Song” from Monty Python on constant repeat in their heads)

So here’s my pathetic attempt to start off a feature profile.

“Decades of experience teaches you one thing about the IT business, each day brings a new challenge, and TW is always up for what that challenge will create.”

Yuck. That has to be the most insincere sounding sentence I’ve written all week.


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