642 Tiny Things to Write About: Tweet your day

I’m glad this is the last of the “tweet” exercises; I’ve found them difficult to execute, especially when writing about myself.  Today’s challenge is:

Tweet your day, so far”

I’m on personal time off today, so at 9:00 am, its been a bit of a lazy escapade involving too much web browsing and coffee.  I’ve shared some yogurt with my cat, Ethel and generally cocooned myself on the couch with a quilt, girding myself for the rest of the day.

Today is the day that we take my senior citizen sister to sign a lease on her new rent controlled apartment in Santa Cruz.  Its been a six year waiting list and its feels odd that almost a decade of drama and financial strife is finally coming to a close.  My relationship with my sister is complex and her welfare is something I did not anticipate having to shoulder in my midlife.  There are strong feelings of entitlement on her part with strong feelings of resentment on mine.  But I’m all she has right now, and so we work through the complicated feelings and carry on.

So here’s the tweet for my day so far.

Morning coffee and shared yogurt with my feline. Cocooned in a quilt, I peek out at the day and its promised challenges. Let the day begin. 

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