642 Things to Write About: Tweet the Story of Your Life

There is a line from the Split Enz song, “Haul Away” that goes “Everyone has their own little story”.   I’m a great believer in that adage; as we get older, our little stories become more complicated, a weird mix of dreams deferred and experiences unexpected.

My own life story has its basic mix of Generation X experiences, frustrations and little odd stories.  I usually don’t remember the odd stories until someone brings up something that jogs a specific memory.   I suppose as I work through all these writing assignments, the memories will come out one by one, and make their presence and tales know.  Until then, there is this small tweet:

Working class girl gets graduate degree, moves to CA, marries true love, 2 kids and runs a govt data center for 2 decades.  Hilarity ensues.

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