642 Things to Write About: Fortune Cookies, Part Two

Today’s assignment from the San Francisco’s Writer Grotto:  “Write last years fortune cookie. It got everything right”.

Oh, 2016 was a quite a year.  Not just for me but for everyone.  But I’d rather stick the personal and not cry once more over the death of David Bowie and the train wreck that was and is the American political area.  So here it goes:

What was once thought lost, will be found.

The year saw my  19 year  son involved in a relationship with a woman who was beyond the definition of toxic.   Playing upon what we realize now was a burgeoning issue with depression, she expertly gaslighted him to believe that she was the only one who cared and who was truly there for him.  Little by little, she pulled him away from family and friends, to the point that he was barely speaking to any of us, and my husband and I felt we had lost him forever in the the angry mess that had surrounded him.   The feeling of hopelessness dug deep into my heart and it was one of the darkest times I’ve lived through as a parent.  However, within my son remained some nugget of amazing strength.  He entered counseling and we all worked through a process to come out the other end, intact and still a family.   We regained the relationship–its different now but stronger and in many ways better than it was previously, like a Kintsugi pot that’s been repaired with gold or silver.    The repairs show what we’ve gone through, but we’ve glued the pieces back with something better than was there before: true honesty and a deeper respect and love.

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