642 Things to Write About: Fortune Cookies

I’ve been exhausted lately, or perhaps is just some sort of weird miasma that’s enshrouded me.  Or maybe its just a basic funk of having far too many issues heaped upon my proverbial plate.  But I desperately need an island of my own for sanity’ sake, and writing is going to be one of those islands in my archipelago.

I once read an interview with Henry Rollins, where he stated you should write everyday, regardless of inspiration or energy.  To that end, I bought a handbook by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto called 642 Tiny Things to Write About.   Each day presents a small writing challenge that you take, and I’m going to blog the results for the next two years or so to see how this evolves, and create a space where I can exist for a bit without the rest of my life banging on the door for immediate attention.

Personally speaking, fortune cookies have gone downhill in the past decade or so. They used to be actual fortunes; not these mock Confucian observances on existence such as “Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause.”   My favorite one’s are the ones which have the winning lottery numbers and a quick Chinese vocabulary lesson, and an actual fortune such as “You will receive riches and recognition in the coming months”.  They’re at least positive and maybe it means those lottery number will work out in the end.  The best fortune I ever read was one my husband got after a Chinese meal when we were visiting Lake Tahoe.  It merely read “You are pretty”.  We still joke with him about that one.

But back to the assignment; here’s the fortune for yesterday.

Calm waters will greet you this day”

Yesterday was rough, and it was a day that would have certainly made Dorothy Parker throw up her hands and declare “What fresh hell is this?”.  Every thing seems to be in transition lately–work and home wise.   And my little introverted soul just wants a blanket fort and a few days of calm waters greeting her at the front door.






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