642 Tiny Things to Write About: We’ve Got an App for That!

You have app that monitors: “Your bosses mood”.  “Your partners mood”. “Your daughter sons/mood” “Your mom’s”  What’s it called?

This is one of the writing prompts that caused me a bit of writer’s block.  I’ve worked in IT over 30 years.  I have sat through enough networking development experiences, hackathons and brainstorming sessions to feel that so many apps are answers seeking a problem that probably doesn’t exist.  Apps are now ubiquitous and many are ridiculous and unnecessary.

In my opinion, the zenith of tools to monitor moods really peaked with the 1970’s “mood ring / jewelry” phase.  I admit to having a mood ring in middle school.  However, as someone who runs cool to cold in the extremities, it pretty much stayed in the black / purple / blue stage.  I could have become Kali in all her murderous wrath and the ring might have pushed mildly into the blue-green stage.

The Mood Ring circa 1977.

I digress. Here’s my best shot at this writing prompt.

What’s Fearless feeling:  (side note: my bosses’ nickname is Fearless, after the Rocky and Bullwinkle villain “Fearless Leader).  Wondering what your boss is feeling?  Is this the right time to deliver that bad news or ask for that raise?  This app will map out your boss’ changing moods through the work day, helping you plan the best time to tell him that the entire email system is down and the data center is indeed on fire.

The Postman’s Bag:  Marriage to a postal employee can be a daunting thing; you never know how your spouse will be after a day of delivering mail through the sleet, the rain, the dead of night!  Wonder no more!  With our new app, you will always know what mood they’ll be coming through that door at night.  Even if they don’t ring twice!

Roller coaster!:  Raising a teenage daughter can be more exciting than an amusement park ride!  Our new app, Roller coaster!  can help map out those frequent mood swings and give you fair warning that its time to strap yourself in and grab onto that sissy bar for dear life!

Is it SAFE?:  Asking for something from your Mom when she’s in a bad mood is always a sure no.  This new Mom tracking app will help you gauge her mood so you have at least a fighting chance of going over a friend’s house for the night when you haven’t cleaned your room.   And as you grow up, our app grows with you!  So when you’re about to tell her about your plans to hitchhike across Russia next summer or feed your baby only organic food, you will know just when to break that news!  And for an additional cost, you can add the lecture calculator, which will estimate how long she will admonish you that she fed all her children regular Gerber’s baby food and you turned out OK!

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