Random Thoughts from the Punk Kitchen: 2/10/18

I’ve left this blog to linger for a few weeks; life has been a bit of bear but seems to be easing up to where I have time to write, play bass and experiment in the kitchen again.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I’m listening to records while my King Cake takes its second “rise”.  I’ve never made a King Cake before, so this is new territory for me.  I’ve been hooked on making yeast based recipes lately, and given the pending darkness of Lent approaching, a King Cake seemed an appropriate choice.  Plus there is this bizarre bag of “babies” on my kitchen counter; which my son has declared look like a weird pro-life advert gone wrong.

Babies! Babies in cakes! Oh the humanity!


In other news, I’ve been haunting thrift stores and record sales for new vinyl lately.  After dropping off a package at my local Post Office, I wandered into my local Goodwill in search of bargain buys and rare finds.  While I was sitting on the floor, flipping through covers, I hear someone MottTheHoople_UKsay, “Hey are you a Mott the Hoople fan?”.  I look up and the gentleman next to me is holding a British release of their first album, Mott in amazing condition with the original gatefold plastic photo still intact.  He tells me he’s a fan and an avid record collector, but is glad to hand over his find after I mention that while I like Mott the Hoople, my husband is a huge fan.  He goes on to say he likes to pass on great finds to people who will appreciate them, hoping that one day, fate will do the same for him.  I don’t find anything as good, but I do clue him into a local record sale that happens once a month and usually has a varied selection in good to excellent condition.  A Buddhist friend once said, that you will find the Buddha in the oddest places; I think I found him in the vinyl section of the Goodwill store today.

Well I have to flip the vinyl over, so bis bald until next time!




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