642 Tiny Things To Write About: Cars of the Future…or Not.

Today’s prompt:  Name the model and a key detail of  the car that you would design.

As I stated in the last blog post about cars, I’m not a huge enthusiast about motor vehicles, so I’m at a bit of a loss to even start designing or even naming a car. I never caught the auto bug that most Californians (and Americans to be frank) seem to have.  I’d gladly trade in even my beloved VW Bug for a decent public transportation system.   I recently attended a lecture on public  infrastructure and  the”internet of things” where the speaker was going on about smart cars and smart traffic lights, and all I could think was this sounded like the car version of a train / bus system, but damn, we need to keep our cars !

Freddie Mercury was right about Californians, they are certainly in love with their cars.

If I had to design anything, it would be a public transportation system like we experienced in Germany.   For two weeks, we never had to get behind a wheel of a car, going from Berlin to Bad Doberan (a town about the size of my hometown), and from there to Munich.  Everything is easily within reach of either public transportation, a bike ride or walking.  Public thoroughfares are designed for both bike and pedestrian traffic.  Its all nice and efficient and it works.

Where I live in the U.S., the public transportation system is abysmal.   I drive to work despite the fact that my job offers free bus passes.   My drive to work is approximately  12 minutes long.  To take a bus, I’d have to take one bus to the local transit station, wait 20 minutes for the south bound bus to take me to the transit station in the town I work in, then another 10 minutes for a bus take me to the bus station by my work place.  With travel time included, I’m looking at 56 minutes at the very least.   This is because the routes don’t run parallel for some odd reason and our local transit authority sees no reason to change.  So I like many other commuters, I take my car and the local bus system languishes in search of riders

So a new car design?  Nope.  Give me a bus ride that I can get to work in 30 minutes and I’ll be happy.



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