Random Thoughts from the Punk Kitchen

It’s evening in our house and I’ve had a glass of wine or two.  We’re now full on adults; we actually belong to a WINE CLUB and so we get to have excellent wine on various ordinary occasions aka “bad days at work”, instead of just holidays or anniversaries.  Tonight we had a really nice Merlot, which despite the opinion of the boys in  Sideways is still one of my favorite reds.  And its good with veggie hot dogs, which was our dinner de jour because neither of us really were very inspired to actually cook after the marathon feasts around Christmas.  (Besides Lightlife makes a good veggie dog!)

Come on Edmund, hold out for some really GOOD candy!

Speaking of foods, I had my first taste of Turkish Delight today.  Someone brought a box into work and being a huge fan of the Narnia books I had to try a piece.  Honest review?  It was good but not “Hey lets sell out our entire group of siblings to the White Witch” good.  Really, really sugary and a bit piney/citrus/gingery tasting.  Frankly, if I was to sell out the clan for candy, it would be for some high-end Belgian chocolates.  From Brussels mind you, not the American stuff you get at Trader Joes.  Not that TJ’s are bad, it’s just they don’t hold a candle to the ones you can purchase in the shops around the Grand Place.

On a completely different topic, I heard the Smithereens; “Cut Flowers” on the commute home today.   December saw the passing of Pat DiNizio, and the song sounded more bittersweet than usual.  My husband and I saw the Smithereens a few times in the 1980s and 90s and they were always a solid act.  Pat always struck me as the sort of New Jersey boy I wished I could have hung out with in high school, an introspective rocker who loved the Beatles as much as I did at sixteen.  We would have made a great guitar duo at the time.   So here’s a little Smithereens to end the post.


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