642 Tiny Things to Write About: Local Folks

A foreign exchange student is staying with you for one week.  Who is the one person who want them to meet?

Today’s entry is going to be a short one.  My daughter is home for Christmas, and as usual I have a million things to do in the next two days.  It is nice having two adult children now; the Christmas tree was assembled this morning without me lifting a hand and someone else did the breakfast dishes after a feast of Arme Ritter. (If you’ve never had Arme Ritter, you need to make it at least once in your lifetime.  Its the German version of French toast but a bit more decadent).

But back to the prompt.  A few years back I took a leadership class that brought together public employees to learn more about Santa Cruz County–its government, culture and history.  One of the best days was spent with Sandy Lydon, a local historian who is deeply knowledgeable about the history of the Central Coast of California.  I learned more about Santa Cruz County history, from the time of the Ohlone Indians to the present day, in that half day then I ever would have gleaned from a history book.  Sandy is an extremely engaging speaker and brings the human back into the historical events and statistics.   So if I was to plunk my student down for a lunch at the Santa Cruz wharf, I would pick Sandy as a companion.   While feasting on Stagnaro’s clam chowder, I can guarantee that the student in question would not be bored for a single minute, and would walk away from the meal with a head full of tales and a satisfied belly.

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