642 Tiny Things To Write About: Here in My Car

Today’s prompt:

You loaned your car to a friend, forgetting that there’s something stashed in there you don’t want anybody to find.  What is it?

But first…GARY NUMAN!

While I’ve been better with my newish VW Bug, in the past, my cars have been alternative living spaces that included clothes, books, CDs, handouts from meetings and anything that accidentally fell out of my purse.  When my son was in grade school, one of these purse detritus led to an embarrassing story.  A tampon had fallen to the floor of the car and my son’s friend, unknowingly held it up and asked about the “white bullet” in the back of the vehicle.  For years afterwards, my husband would refer to OBs to bullets, and it became a family inside joke. (For the record, I don’t remember what I told my son’s friend. I have enough problems just focusing on driving without providing sex ed lessons to someone else’s kid, so I probably steered the conversation in another direction. Like “Hey! Who wants to get Baskin Robbins!”)

I do believe my musical tastes are a bit of synch with most of my friends, so the item in question would probably be a CD left in the player.  Like Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar, which has one of my favorite tunes “The Beautiful People”.   Or maybe Slip It In,  by Black Flag.  Or most of my Punk CDs that I still listen to on a regular basis.  My friends tend towards what would be considered middle age appropriate music. On the other hand,  I’ve always been open to listening to new or controversial music–I never saw being stuck in my generation’s musical soundtrack as a desirable trait.

Its not that I’m embarrassed by my musical tastes, its more than I feel defending my musical leanings is an exercise in futility.  And justifying that weird Death Grips CD that my son loaned me last week in my car’s stereo system is about as much fun as explaining what a tampon is to an eight year old boy.  Besides, I am loaning you my car aren’t I?






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