642 Tiny Things To Write About: Strange Dates Have Found Us, Part Two

You character has an unusual date: 

How’s the first kiss? Make it strange

How’s the second date? Make it strange

Yesterday, we left our odd couple at a coffee shop after our protagonist’s date had a loud argument with another patron over a painting in the museum.  They finish their coffees and he walks her back to her subway station.  They both hesitate at the entrance to the number 6 train, and he impulsively kisses her goodbye.  The kiss feels elusive and tentative.  From our Revenant’s perspective, he’s attracted to our heroine but knows that while he will stand still in the movement of time, like so many others, she’ll continue on and age beyond him.

Their second date is an estate sale in upstate New York.  They are looking for items to be sold in their respective stores.  The mansion is full of items that have been collected over several lifetimes, some going back to when the family’s ancestors had lived in Europe.   After negotiating for some time over some first edition Dickens’ novels, the Revenant walks over to where our heroine is looking at some jewelry that is being auctioned.  He spies a signet ring in the group, snatches it up and immediately demands its price.  The representative for the sale mentions the reserve price and the Revenant offers double, purchasing the ring.  Our heroine looks at the ring and remarks that the initials are the same as the Revenant’s

They drive back to the city in their rental car–our heroine is driving and singing along to the radio.  She notices that her date is unusually quiet and is spending most of the ride looking at the ring he’s purchased.  They drop off the car at the rental agency and part ways at the train station.  Again, he offers a passionate but somewhat hesitant kiss.

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