Happy Holidays from the House of Skulls

Today’s post is a short break from the San Francisco’s Writers Grotto exercises, to wish everyone and their respective skeletons the best of the holiday season

ethel and the skulss
Happy Holidays from the possessed cat and the stack of light up skulls

This past Friday my husband took me out to our favorite local pub for beers and dinner after work.  Since I had walked there from work, he had to drive me back to my car.  As we were gathering our things to walk out, he said. “Oh watch out for the paperwork and the skull on the front seat”.  I had a bit of an internal giggle since I knew what he meant, but it must have sounded odd to anyone else sitting in the booths near us.  He had gone to the bank to deposit our Christmas cash we had saved all year for presents.  The piggy bank for the cash just happens to be a skull cookie jar and instead of putting the cash in an envelope, he just grabbed the entire jar and took it with him.   And as I read what I just wrote, I wonder if he took the jar INTO the bank itself.   Maybe, I’ll just stop this story right here..



I’ve been obsessed by skeletons and skulls since I was quite little.  They were easily my favorite Halloween decorations.  I’ve collected quite a few decorative ones, including some Catrinas over the years, to the level that when people come to our house at the beginning of October they usually exclaim “Oh you’ve decorated early for Halloween!  We either nod enthusiastically or struggle to explain that our house always looks like it’s trying to morph into the Addams family abode.   I often wonder what the cleaning lady thinks.

So I want to wish you all a happiest of holidays, no matter which one you celebrate.  Be kind to each other, because after all, under all that flesh we’re basically the same bunch of bones!

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