642 Tiny Things to Write About: More Kisses

Today’s assignment is:

Describe your last kiss and Describe your next kiss

But first a word from Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Kiss them for me, for I may be delayed…”

Today’s assignment seems in the dialect of my 16 year old self, lame.  My husband and I have been married almost 30 years now and describing kisses seems akin to describing breathing.   Its such an integral part of our lives, that pointing out something that is so embedded in our existence, seems well, pointless.

Romantic kissing is not a universal human trait, and I always found that Americans have an odd rule set regarding who to kiss and when, especially when it comes to kissing someone on the lips.   We sexualize kissing, but get offended by the public display of affection often seen in European parks and public spaces.   Our cultural history is full of kisses from Judas’ kiss of betrayal to the most overblown descriptions of lip smacking to be found in some YA literature, but we seem somewhat uncomfortable about the activity when it gets beyond the printed page or outside our own doorstep.

(OK, I’ve managed to avoid today’s topic for two small paragraphs, so onto the writing assignment…)

My last kiss was with my husband, and it was the morning kiss when we both wake up and are puttering about the kitchen.  It usually tastes like coffee, since we both are caffeine hounds.  Its a brief one, a recognition that we’re still a loving couple in this world and that we have a new day to share, for better or worse.   The next kiss will most likely be the one where we meet back at the house in the evening.  It’s maybe a bit longer in duration, serving as a  marker that we made it through our individual days and whatever may have happened, we’re still together once again under the same roof.  It’s a symbol we still love each other and that whatever challenges or victories the day held, our relationship is there.

So now, we can kiss this topic goodbye.



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