Commute Song of the Week 4/17/15: Neil Cicierega “Roller Closer”

So its been awhile for sure.  I was sidelined with bronchitis and far too many things going on at work.  But I’m back and ready to rock into what constitutes Spring on the western half of the US.

I enjoy a great cover tune, especially when an artist takes the song in a direction that no one expects.  I’m seriously addicted to AV Club’s “AV Undercover” series, which I would highly recommend perusing over a lazy afternoon.  My favorite from last year was Nate Rateliff’s cover of “Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton”, which I almost like more than the Mountain Goat’s original.

A related child to the cover tune is the “mash up”.  Some mash ups seem forced and a bit contrived, but when they work they are brilliant.  Neil Cicerega is one of the masters. Neil is a bit of an internet multi-talent: he’s released animation, puppet “videos”, and is a working  comedian. .In the past few years, he’s released a bunch of mash ups and music under the moniker “Lemon Demon” and his own name.  While they aren’t always great, most of them are really original.

Roller Closer is from his album “Mouth Sounds”.  It takes two very disparate songs: Ohio Players “Love Roller-coaster” and Nine Inch Nails “Closer” and marries them in a way no one would ever anticipate.  The unexpected result is something that is witty, funny and sexy as hell in a very funked up way. Its the perfect song to end your week when the temperatures have hit 85 and you can roll down those windows of your car and really crank up the volume.

By the way, you can find this song, and the rest of Neil’s music for download on his

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