The year ends, the calendar turns in and hopefully burns

Its been a while since I’ve written and the reasons are generally not for the better.   The year 2014 was not kind to us, we lost three people we loved and drummer guy went through a major surgery.  There were growing pains and financial surprises, and not the nice sort of “you’ve just won publishing clearing house sweepstakes” type.   While there were some brighter spots, they were far too far between from August to the present.

I’m not the type to make resolutions, but I do resolve to do the following in the next year. Because I’m taking 2015 by the proverbial horns, folks.

  • Write more.  Whether is in my journal or here, I need to write.  While I am not an author sans pareil, it is a therapeutic exercise and if something I write evokes something from someone else, its a plus.  But I will principally write for me.
  • Play more music.   Music is my other therapeutic endeavor.  My goal is to play the music I love and find ways to love the music that others want to play as well.
  • Meditate more.  After this past year, I need a reset.  Meditation helps.   Being a better Buddhist does as well.
  • Advocate for women, whether its in music or work.  Both the information technology and the music world have a lot to learn about embracing women.  Part of that is getting the story out and the faces in the front line.   Whether I do that, or support those who do, its starting now.   I refuse to go back in time.

So I am wishing all of you a better 2015 than 2014.  And watch this space. 🙂

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