Commute Music of the Week 7/18/14–Beast “Mr Hurricane”

The free downloads from iTunes tend to be a mixed bag with more throwaway songs than not. This one was amazing and went beyond my expectations. I gladly forked over the cash to get the CD.

Beast was the collaboration between Betty Bonifassi and Jean-Phi Goncalves. They are now on permanent hiatus citing frustration with record promotion, touring and family issues. Its a shame because the album and this song are a fantastic mix of rap, soul and as allmusic has observed a “perfect balance between sinister and pop”. This is a band who, if their sophomore effort had ever come out and was as strong as their first release, could have stormed the charts.

However, once again, it seemed a few critics and I were the only one who thought so.

“Mr. Hurricane” was the promoted song from their first and only self titled album . This one got frequent play on the CD player when I first purchased the album. Its the interplay between Betty’s in your face rap vocals and the choir in the chorus that just hit me like a tsunami. The drumming and rhythm section over all is funky but dark. Its really hard not to get swept away in this song and if it comes on the iTunes shuffle, a car dance will ensue quickly

My hope is one day someone convinces them to do a round two. Keep your fingers crossed and your car stereo cranked.

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