Commute Song for the Week Ending 2/28/14. “Turnin’ the Screw”.

This was an extremely challenging week.    The baggage claim of the past threw out more luggage than I could truly handle.  My own self image came into question several times–how I look and how I perceive my talent as a musician.  Two things helped to get through some of this.  The first was this blog piece by Kristin Salaky entitled ‘Thoughts From the ‘Ugly Friend’     There was quite a bit of truth in that article and I am glad she had the insight and  bravery to write it.

The other was the song by Queens of the Stone Age “Turnin’ the Screw”, from the Era Vulgaris  album.   There are so many lines that resonated with my week “You got a question, please don’t ask it” “The world is round. My square don’t fit at all”

I often feel like the square in the round world.   But especially this week.  It was nice that Josh Homme and the gang made me realize that there are others that feel the same way.

My new mantra for this week is “You want a reason, how about BECAUSE!”.  It sums it all up nicely.

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