Things that I want that my husband thinks I kidding #25.


The Chillow.

So I am at the age where my internal thermostat is going completely ape shit crazy.   There have been nights where it has been 20 F outside and I’ve been standing on my porch in my husband’s XL Zappa T shirt and not caring if the neighbors see me.   Because I have finally found RELIEF!   I have had hot flashes that even the cats move away from me in a “hey woman, you’re putting out even too much heat for me” sort of way.   I could easily heat small rooms on my own.

So when  they came out with “the Chillow”, the men in my house (husband and son) looked at this as another stupid made for TV product that would go down as this years “Snuggly”.   I was ecstatic.

Husband: Wait you really want one of those?

Me: Yes–it would be so great on those hot balmy nights!  Look how happy that woman looks on the box!  She’s clearly a menopausal woman that has found lasting relief from being caught in her own internal nuclear meltdown!

Husband: Shakes head and goes back to watching hockey game

I don’t care.  Next time I go to Walgreens, I’m hitting the “As Seen on TV” isle and I’m getting me a Chillow.

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